Brian Casel (@casjam) hosts conversations with founder friends.  We talk about startups, products, software, entrepreneurship, but also what's happening in our lives away from our screens and revenue graphs.

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The business of snowboarding (in the ‘90s) with Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson joins me to share the story of how he started a snowboard shop in the late 90s and what, if any, parallels can be drawn to software businesses today.

Portfolio of products vs. focus on one with Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden and I share our experiences running multiple products simultaneously vs focusing on one.

Marketing: More Questions Than Answers with Tyler King (LessAnnoyingCRM)

Tyler King joins me to commiserate on why marketing a SaaS is so damn hard in 2022.

Let’s find Kalen Jordan’s next business idea

Kalen Jordan joins me to talk about the next business idea.

Twitter in 2022 with Dan Rowden (@dr)

Dan Rowden joins me to talk about Twitter in 2022

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