Brian Casel (@casjam) hosts conversations with founder friends.  We talk about startups, products, software, entrepreneurship, but also what's happening in our lives away from our screens and revenue graphs.

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Competitive product design with Jane Portman (Userlist)

Jane Portman focuses on the value of marketing through email automation, not only getting more leads but by also engaging your customers and serving them for longer ye...

Year 1 of marketing a new SaaS with Joe Howard (Driftly)

Joe Howard of Driftly App joins us on today's episode. He'll talk about how he's hacking through marketing to get through the first year of a new SaaS.

News as a content business model with Matt Medeiros

Matt's spills the secret of creating a listen worthy podcast with news as a content and how the podcast evolves towards the consumers timetable.

The case for media as marketing with Corey Haines

Corey Haines shares his insights on why to market as a media company and position yourself to become the platform for arbitrage.

How does open source software work (as a business)? With Adam Wathan (TailwindCSS)

Adam Wathan, creator of TailwindCSS helps me unpack what it means to create, contribute, and build with open source software.

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