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Be Back in a Bit!

Hey! Just want to let you know that I’ll be taking a break (for a bit) from recording new episodes of this Open Threads podcast.But don’t unsubscribe! I promise to com...

Pivoting and Building Awareness for a New Product (in a Competitive Space) with J.R. Farr

Lemon Squeezy, the new platform for building SaaS businesses went through quite a few iterations before J.R. Farr and the Make Lemonade crew figured out what it is and...

Newsletter-Driven Entrepreneurial Exploration with Corbett Barr

I invited Corbett back on the show when I noticed he’s been picking up steam on his Substack-based newsletter. Clearly, he’s in the exploration phase of his next entre...

The Hidden Value Organizing and Attending a Conference for Fellow Founders with Tyler Tringas

Founder Summit was one of the best conferences I’ve attended because it’s built on the idea that a conference is really about the relationships, not the headline speak...

Creating Noteworthy Podcasts for Big Brands (as a business) with Harry Morton

Harry Morton, founder of Lower Street, is back on the show today to take us inside the creative process behind big brand podcast productions. These aren’t your run-of-...

Forming a Dream Team Partnership with J.R. Farr

In 2020, after a hugely successful run building and exiting MOJO Marketplace, J.R. Farr announced the formation of a “dream team” new company known as Make Lemonade. W...

Hitting the Creative Reset Button (in between businesses) with Corbett Barr

After building, selling and exiting Fizzle, a community and content-based business, Corbett Barr decided to hit the reset button. How? By deleting all of his social me...

Starting & Sustaining a Fund for Calm Companies with Tyler Tringas

From bootstrapping and selling a SaaS to… Starting a fund for bootstrapped SaaS companies. Tyler Tringas talks about that transition and what he’s learned since starti...

Talking Code & Product with Benedikt Deicke

It’s strange how little we talk about the code side of building and running a software business. So Benedikt Deicke, technical co-founder of Userlist, joins me to geek...

A Music Production Geek Out Session with Harry Morton

I’m on a quest to geek out with all my founder friends who are also musicians. Harry Morton shares a love for the combo of tech + creativity in music production. We ge...

American Founder Life Abroad (and Back) with Craig Hewitt

Craig and his family moved to France for 5 years, but they’ve moved back here to the states. We unpack life and business abroad vs. stateside and the many tradeoffs.Wa...

Shipping Speed & Deciding What to Build Next with Benedikt Deicke

In SaaS, speed matters. A lot. Benedikt Deicke, co-founder of Userlist, joins me to chat about shipping speed and how we decide what to build next. It’s too easy to ge...

Geeking out on Music Documentaries with Justin Jackson

I could talk for days about music. So can Justin Jackson. So we geeked out on our favorite bands, documentaries, and how these experiences actually shape us as entrepr...

Starting Over with a New SaaS Idea with Nathan Powell

After exiting his 1st SaaS, then shuttering all his social media profiles, Nathan Powell is back online with a new idea for a SaaS. Let’s dig into it.Watch this episod...

Quitting the Internet (for a while) with Nathan Powell

The story of why Nathan Powell quit the internet for a while after exiting his SaaS business (and why he came back).Watch this episode on YouTubeNathan Powell:Nathan’s...

People Strategy with Tyler King

Tyler’s back on the show to talk about teams. Remote, in-house, culture, experience, and everything in between.Watch this episode on YouTube Tyler King:Tyler’s company...

Sharing Our Fails (& Wins) with Craig Hewitt

Building in public ain’t all about the highlight reel. Craig Hewitt and I agree that there’s so much more to learn from our fails. The question is, how can we share th...

The business of snowboarding (in the ‘90s) with Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson joins me to share the story of how he started a snowboard shop in the late 90s and what, if any, parallels can be drawn to software businesses today.

Portfolio of products vs. focus on one with Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden and I share our experiences running multiple products simultaneously vs focusing on one.

Marketing: More Questions Than Answers with Tyler King (LessAnnoyingCRM)

Tyler King joins me to commiserate on why marketing a SaaS is so damn hard in 2022.

Let’s find Kalen Jordan’s next business idea

Kalen Jordan joins me to talk about the next business idea.

Twitter in 2022 with Dan Rowden (@dr)

Dan Rowden joins me to talk about Twitter in 2022

The business of community with Matt Gartland, CEO of SPI with Pat Flynn

Matt Gartland joins me to talk about the business of community

Transitioning Away From WordPress with Chris Lema

Chris Lema joins me to talk about transitioning away from WordPress.

Coaching as a Profession with Chris Lema

Chris Lema joins me to talk about coaching as a profession

News diets with Ian Landsman

Ian Landsman joins me to talk all about news diets

Media Brand as a Business with Alexis Grant (TheyGotAcquired)

Alexis Grant joins me to talk all about Media Brand as a Business

The role of music in our lives with Ben Orenstein

Ben Orenstein joins me to talk all about the role of music in our lives

Life in America vs. life in the UK with Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder joins me to talk all about life in America vs. life in the UK.

Where is web3 going? Ian Landsman explains

Ian Landsman joins me to talk all about Where is web3 going?

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