Daddin’ out & taking a hiatus with Joe Howard

Joe Howard joins me to talk all about Daddin’ out & taking a hiatus
Joe Howard joins me to talk all about Daddin’ out & taking a hiatus

“The reason I like got into startups was like, I wanted control over my own time. I never liked this idea of this job you like work eight hours a day.” -  Joe Howard

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Quotes from this episode:

Quote 01:

Joe: A lot of people are nervous to travel with a kid that young especially today when he is not vaccinated yet. And, you know, there's still the risk of COVID.

Well, what we did was we traveled places and stayed for long periods.
Yeah, we weren't on like a flight every week. We weren't going backpacking through Southeast Asia. You know, we're going to places with good health care, with good, you know, Internet access and staying there for enough time to get a home base there so we could get a little help with child care so that we could form our lives in a safe in the safest way as possible.

Obviously, like in Mexico, we're flying down to Mexico. So, mask up the distance in the airport trying to go in family bathrooms where there aren't like a million toilets flushing. You know, it's like there are things
that you can do to minimize your risk. And then once we got there, honestly, like living our lives as same as we did in D.C.and being as safe as possible.

Brian: That's great.

Quote 02:

Joe: Everyone is going to develop at a different stage, right? Every kid. Yup. At two, he was starting to like chatter, and now he's like, pronounce certain things correctly. Like, like, like a full sentence, like sentences.

Brian: I remember there's a phase in the twos where they start to verbalize but there's good like six months there were only the parents can understand what, what they're saying and everyone else thinks.

Joe: It's like, yeah, before I was a parent, I was like, that's such bullshit. Like that. You don't know what they're saying. Like, you do. Yeah, come on.

Brian: The parents know every word, like, six months before everyone else can hear it.

Joe: That's right. Like, all the time you hear these repeated words Yeah. It's funny because my wife and I were both so there are a couple of things, and he says, we're like, What? What are you talking about? Like, what is that?

Quote 03:

Joe: That idea of like taking six months off was always really appealing to me because like the last generations as they worked for 30 or 40 years and they took retirement at the end.

Brian: Yeah,

Joe: And people have heard this before. Like, that's just not I'm not into that. Like, I want to enjoy like right now, like, I need, I want to enjoy part of our retirement right now.

Joe: Like, why would you why would I wait? Unless I really enjoyed working on what I was doing. Like, I'm like you. I would, I would probably keep working if I was really enjoying it. But and now I've found that in Driftly, right? So, like, now I'm on this path again. I'm like, here we go. I forgot to shower today.

I must really be looking, but I'm working on it now, so I totally get that day-to-day. People ask me this all the time because I, like, listen to the starts, the rest of it all the time. It's like most people don't want to like, you know, hang out and just sit on a beach after they're done with, you know, a semi-successful venture.

I'm at the beach right now. I've been at the beach for six months, so I do enjoy the beach I don't think there's anything, anything to do with that. But I filled up my day, did a lot of reading, and did a lot of listening to podcasts. I did a lot of cooking. I spent a lot of time not just with my family but like working on my like role in my family.

Daddin’ out & taking a hiatus with Joe Howard
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