Podcast production workflows with Castos executive producer, Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros joins me to talk all about podcast production workflows
“Everything can always get better,  and it's everything else you do around the podcast that makes a podcast successful. ”- Matt Medeiros

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Quotes from this episode:

Quote 1:

Matt: Where the heck are you going to go with this podcast? You know, a lot of people are just... it's so cliche to talk about goal setting and striving for that goal and having stuff written down. But let me tell you, once you get through the first ten episodes of your podcast, that's where you begin to hate it. So if you have if you don't have a North Star, anymore, that's when it becomes really difficult and that's when you start flip-flopping all over the place.

And what I learned early on is trying to marry that goal, especially if you're a busy person, try to marry that goal with a season or a story arc and something that you can just put a little end chapter in. Yeah. Take a pause.

Brian: Take a breather.

Matt: Take a breather. 100%.

Quote 2:

Matt: Another key thing to my workflow is the pre-interview. So especially if I don't know the person who I'm talking to, 99.9% of the time, the person who's on my shows I'm reaching out to, very rarely do I ever allow anyone who pitches me because the pitches are all terrible. Yeah. So I'll hit somebody with, Hey, I love to chat with you about this topic I saw you talking about on Twitter.

Matt: Is that interesting to you? They say yes or they'd like to learn more No problem. Here's my savvy call. It's just a 15-minute chat, and I'm just going to give you a brief technical overview. This is what it's like to be on a podcast. This is what I need from you. And then give me one or two things that you're amazing at talking about.

Quote 3:

Matt: This is why I like all the prep work is very smart. Like, if you're looking to really optimize your time, you have to prep first without, you know, going overboard, I guess. But you have to have an idea of who you're talking to. Pre-interview. What's that one thing? So that when you get on that call, you know what you're going to ask.

Matt: If it's super open-ended, then that's where it becomes a real challenge to produce a great show. But then sometimes they say something like, Wow, like, where was that? Like, let's explore that. And that's what you would need to pay attention to.

Podcast production workflows with Castos executive producer, Matt Medeiros
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