Competitive product design with Jane Portman (Userlist)

Jane Portman focuses on the value of marketing through email automation, not only getting more leads but by also engaging your customers and serving them for longer years.
“What matters for people is the brand and the word of mouth. Nobody honestly understands what's inside until they have had a chance to deeply explore the product, which is good, could be a demo, but ideally, like actually using it for one of their projects, that's the only way to really closely know it and understand the benefits.” - Jane Portman

Jane Portman emphasizes the importance of designing the core of your product around features such as storing properties and the ability to identify people within a company, within the product, such as Userlist, so that you can follow the data to improve decision-making and messaging. Its email automation tools enable you to track and deliver targeted messages to your customers throughout the marketing process.

Tune in to this episode and level-up your marketing through email automation by not only getting more leads but by also engaging with your customers and serving them for longer years!

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“In this industry can't really go out with a half-baked MVP, people are going to be sending emails to their customers, not behalf it's got to be polished in some way. So it was small, but it was definitely well-shaped like rather polished, and rather nice looking, and rather reliable.”

“This makes us different from another email provider, because you can send your messages via email or in-app notification, and you can orchestrate those within campaigns to achieve the result you want.”

“We help you mirror your internal data in our tool, meaning we can combine user accounts into company counts and show you a company profile. And you can also store data on the company level instead of having to duplicate it on each individual user. And the reason why it's life-changing is because if you deal with a team account, individual user activity doesn't make any sense.”

“People definitely need automation tools, SaaS definitely needs good automation tools. So we never had doubts whether the product is useful. That's helping because like, if you're inventing a new niche or something if you're trying to educate and build awareness, that's a double challenge.”

“I'm not saying sales is unethical, but aligned with your nature, what feels right and later, you can improve by hiring people who complement your skills, not expand your skills.”

“In terms of automation, in the user list, you can send, you can see when something happens on the company level, and then you decide who's receiving information based on that. This is it's very simple in the UI, but it's very empowering.”

Competitive product design with Jane Portman (Userlist)
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