Transitioning from an exit to your next SaaS with Laura Roeder (Paperbell)

In today’s episode, I chatted with Laura Roeder, the founder of, Paperbell.  She recently exited from her previous SaaS business, Edgar, so it was a good chance to compare notes about both of our recent exits and transitions from one business into the next.  It's a good one!
“As the business owner, you're always responsible for it. Even if you have a team running it, if somebody quits, you still have to dive in and replace them. You know if something goes wrong, even if no one's ever calling you, the responsibility of the business ultimately lands on you.” - Laura Roeder

Building and selling a business is not a one-day decision, it is a gradual process of moving yourself out of the system and delegating someone to do the tasks you were once doing. In today’s episode, we are joined by Laura Roeder the founder of a new SaaS product Paperbell. She revisits how she build and later decide to sell Meet Edgar(her previous company) and the business skills and discernment she had while creating and selling her previous company.

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Transitioning from an exit to your next SaaS with Laura Roeder (Paperbell)
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